Small Business Opportunity

Utility Mage (Umage) is gearing up to launch officially, but before we do that we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our Value Added Reseller (VAR) program.

Umage takes all the complexity out of meter reading, creating a huge opportunity for the man on the street to become his own boss. The nature of meter reading is such that a one man business can make a good living from it,  if they have the right tools and knowledge. We offer you both and on top of that the system will take care of your own billing requirements. All you have to do is bring the right attitude and read meters.

A lot of work is being done to digitize meters across the country, but this should not stop you from entering the market, it is a even greater opportunity for you. If you digitize your client’s meters, you will still be servicing them. They still need to send out invoices, do consolidations, trend analysis, fault check meters, etc. Digitization gives you the opportunity to expand your market footprint without increasing the work load!

You won’t be competing with Eskom and your local municipality, a lot of the meters out there are actually not theirs. In fact your local municipality might just agree to you reading your local neighbourhood for them! The great distances and logistics of reading meters makes it expensive for meter reading companies to cover a lot of ground. The small business focusing on their local clients will always have the competitive advantage!

Meter reading is hard work, there is the weather, lots of travel, deadlines that you cannot miss, premises that you can’t get into when you need to and dogs yapping at your heals! However as a small business, you won’t find a much simpler opportunity.


Umage Enters BETA Testing Stage

We are very exited to announce that Umage will enter public BETA testing in the first week of Jun 2017.

Umage is the result of years of collaboration by utility experts and software gurus to come up with a solution that is simple to use yet extremely flexible in its configuration. In Umage the aim is to make as much of the utility management process transparent, allowing both property managers and the invoiced entity access to the relevant data like invoices, trend reports and audit trails like photos of meter readings.

By automating the process from reading the meter to delivering the invoice to the tenant the system removes costs, reduces queries and speeds up the whole process, putting everyone in control of their part of the process.

The reason for BETA testing is to improve the quality and market fit of a solution. There are lots of benefits to being a BETA partner. To be part of our journey and get the solution you always wanted (at reduced cost), contact us.