The Meter Reading Company

The meter reading company, is very much alive today for the simple reason that the cost of replacing existing analog meters with smart meters is a very costly and often impractical. Not to mention, the cost of maintenance and the fact that the technology is “ageing” (becomes obsolete) faster than it can be installed. (Just ask the UK government.)

Not using smart meters does not mean that the meter reading company of today has to shy away from technology. Technology is what makes the meter reading company of today “smart”.

So what can technology do for the meter reading company:

Getting data to and from the meter reading companies customer (the utility supplier) and their consumers is a majour encumbrance. System interfaces between the parties systems is often primitive, difficult to maintain and a majour bottle neck. With Umage such interfaces are simple to add with scripts, manage  and automate with workflow.

But there is an even better option. Umage has both the functionality needed by the meter reading company and the utility provider. That means they can both use the system, each having assigned roles in security and functionality. That’s one system for the a fraction of the cost of two or more!

If that’s not already enough Umage takes it a step further and gives the consumer of utility services access to the system as well. That means that the person that pays the bills can manage their utility bills through the system. No more calls about what is going on with my account! The consumer can see pictures of meter readings, update personal information and in a pinch even become the meter reader in the case of persistent lockouts, by using the Umage Android app.

Umage understands the challenges of the meter reading company, enabling routing for your readers,  online/offline meter reading and a host of other features simplifies the readers day.