Supplementary Utility Management Services

 Reading Verification 

Our team of experts are able to verify whether meters are read accurately and/or estimates are being done.  We provide photo readings as part of our verification process, giving you proof when querying your account.

Meter Reading

All meter readings are read by qualified staff with years of experience, which includes, water, electricity, gas and high-tension meters. We also verify all meters read, by means of meter numbers relevant to individual properties as indicated by municipal accounts etc.

Metro Accounts Verification

Accounts can be verified, by checking reading patterns as supplied by your local municipality on your account. This is inclusive of seasonal changes and tariff increases as approved by NERSA, Department of Water Affairs and Local Governments.

Utility Mage (Umage) can provide you with statistical analysis on consumption measured over any period of time, which records highs and lows in respect of water and electricity consumption.

Meter Reading Training

Our team of specialists can provide any type of meter reading training across all sectors such as, Kent and Castle water meters including German manufactured meters with RX factors on various pipe sizes. We also provide training on all types of gas meters, as well as all types of electricity meters.

Site Evaluations

Building owners and body corporates are faced with recovering cost, but shared spaces and the lack of individual unit meters can cause issues. We will come out to your site and advise on how best to recover costs and set up custom calculations for your site in Umage.