The Body Corporate

Body Corporates are faced with dealing with big corporate meter reading companies or the micro meter reading service. The one might be to expensive and neither actually helps produce the final levies invoice that has to go to the unit owner at the end of each month.

The lack of physical meters per unit plagues many complexes and they are faced with putting in expensive smart meters or crazy but limited calculations in spread sheets to calculate each units contributions to the levies.

So what can Umage’s technology do for the Body Corporate:

With the simple Utility Mage (Umage) Android app meters can be read by anybody at the complex, like security, the maintenance manager etc. Readings go through to Umage Servers where the Body Corporate has configured their levy invoices, to their own specifications.

Umage does not just take care of the Body Corporate’s utility management but enables the body corporate to run their whole levy system through the software. Invoices can be scheduled to go out on a regular basis and the consumer of those invoices can access the system to see what is going on.

No more meter reading companies and/or excel spreadsheets!