Who Benefits

Utility management is an arduous process involving multiple role players like meter readers, property owners, body corporates, property managers, utility suppliers and the consumer. Utility Mage (Umage) empowers all the role players, regardless of their business or organisational relationships.

The Meter Reader

The meter reading company, is very much alive today for the simple reason that the cost of replacing existing analog meters with smart meters is a very costly and often impractical. Not to mention, the cost of maintenance and the fact that the technology is “ageing” (becomes obsolete) faster than it can be installed. (Just ask the UK government.)

Not using smart meters does not mean that the meter reading company of today has to shy away from technology. Technology is what makes the meter reading company of today “smart”.

The Body Corporate

Body Corporates are faced with dealing with big corporate meter reading companies or the micro meter reading service. The one might be to expensive and neither actually helps produce the final levies invoice that has to go to the unit owner at the end of each month.




The Property Manager

Take control of your utility management from readings to billing, saving time and money. Umage reports, range from consolidated company reports to individual property reports. Use trend and exception reports to manage your utility services with ease. Schedule email invoicing, and give tenants/property owners direct access to Umage to save time on queries.

The Utility Supplier

View trend and exception reports, and simplify the work of your meter readers. Have real time information on your month end processes. Empower the consumer by providing them with the ability to view readings and billing information as easy as 1,2,3.


The Consumer

Ever wonder if your utility consumptions and invoicing information is correct? View your consumption history and trend reports on usage. Upload your own photos of meter readings using our phone app. Go to your utility supplier armed with concrete evidence next time.